What does Silktide Prospect test for?

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Silktide Prospect tests businesses for a broad range of digital marketing factors, across their website, social media accounts, local directories and more.

Test Description
Accelerated Mobile Pages Test whether the pages of the website are AMP optimized, a Google led project. AMP optimized pages load faster for mobile users and can improve your search engine ranking.
AdWords Test whether this business is using AdWords (Google’s advertising platform), measure their spend, show recent adverts run, show keywords targeted.
Alternative text Measure whether the website for this business is properly using alternative text (a key SEO and accessibility fundamental, and indicator of website quality).
Amount of content Measure the amount of text content found on the businesses’ website.
Analytics Determine whether the business is using analytics to measure visitor behavior, and detect what analytics solutions they are using.
Backlinks Measure the number of links pointing to the businesses’ website, a key indicator of both quality and search engine optimization (SEO).
Bounce rate The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who view only a single page within the site before leaving. A low bounce rate shows that the content on the site is engaging to the users.
Broken links This test checks for links on a website which point to error pages or missing files.
Code quality Measure the quality of the code used to build the businesses’ website. Higher quality code suggests a more modern, better built, more effective website.
Contact details Determine the contact information for this business, including their phone number(s), postal addresses and email addresses.
Content keywords This test checks for the presence of target keywords on a website.
Content Management System This test checks for indications the business is using a known content management system (CMS), such as WordPress.
Display adverts Checks if this domain has any display adverts visible.
Domain age Determine the age of the domain age of the website.
Ecommerce This test checks for the most popular ecommerce solutions and if they are present on the organisation’s website.
Facebook ad reach This test attempts to determine the potential audience size and reach of Facebook ads.
Facebook page Detect whether this business has a Facebook Page, and measures the performance of this page, including: number of likes and frequency of posts.
Facebook retargeting Detect whether this business is using Facebook retargeting as a form of advertising.
Headings Check for the presence of heading tags (i.e. H1 – H6).
Images Measure whether the website for this business is properly defining images (a key indicator of website quality).
Instagram Detect whether this business has an Instagram account.
Internal links Measure how effectively links inside the website are defined, for maximum SEO effectiveness.
Last updated Determine when the website was last updated.
Local presence Determine what local directories the business appears within, including Google places, Yelp, Foursquare and more depending on country).
Local presence (uberall) Determine what local directories the business appears within using uberall’s scan API. To use this section, you must be an uberall partner.
Mobile Determine whether the businesses’ website is optimized for mobile devices, e.g. smartphones.
Organic search This test checks how much search traffic an organization’s website receives from Google.
Page titles and descriptions This test checks whether page titles and meta descriptions are used on the website correctly.
Print friendly This test determines if a website is suitable for printing.
Reviews Determine if this business has online reviews (e.g. in Google, Yelp, Foursquare) and break down their scores and comments.
Server behavior This tests the organization’s web server to see if it is optimized for fast loading and search engine ranking.
Sitemap Checks to see if a sitemap file can be found on the website, and whether it is valid and up-to-date.
Snapchat Checks to see if there is a link to a Snapchat account on the organisation’s website.
Social sharing This test judges how many times the pages of a website have been shared using social media.
SSL This tests the organisation’s website for use of SSL to keep visitor data secure and improve SEO.
Seller ratings This test checks for Google seller ratings.
Technology profile This test is for information only, but lists the detected technologies in use on the website – e.g. CMS, Analytics etc.
Total traffic The total traffic represents the number of visits your site is receiving on a monthly basis.
Twitter Detect whether this business has a Twitter account, and measures the performance of this account, including the number of followers.
Vendor Attempt to determine the vendor who created the website. (Only effective for known vendors).
Video Determine whether this website makes any use of video, e.g. YouTube or Vimeo clips.
Website speed Measure the speed of the businesses’ website, and whether the website could be better optimized for higher performance.
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