Overview of the inbound tool

You can use the inbound marketing tool to capture information from visitors in exchange for providing them with a report on their business. For example, you might offer a free report to people who will provide their name, email address and web address.

Flow example of the inbound marketing tool

Common use cases

  1. You wish to offer free reports from your website. This is an incentive for people to come to and engage with your website. In the process, you may choose to capture information about them.
  2. You wish to run an email marketing campaign. You can offer readers something unique – a customized review of their business – and automate the whole process.
  3. You wish to offer reports to a premium selection of users. For example, to members of your franchise or partnership. This is a value add for your existing services.

Once the report is complete, your team can log in to Silktide Prospect and see exactly the same report the customer generated.  The information that the tool captures is stored in Silktide Prospect private database and can be seen alongside the website report. You can also download this information yourself at any time, within Silktide Prospect’s user interface.

We will need additional information when setting up the Inbound tool.

What you can configure

You may configure the following aspects of the inbound marketing tool:

  • The custom fields which you collect from visitors
  • Header + footer HTML which appears on reports.

There are also a number of custom features which can be enabled depending on your requirements:

  • A notification email to your sales team that a client has analyzed their business.  This also contains any additional fields the user entered (e.g. email, phone).
  • An email to the client containing a link to their analysis.  This gives an additional opportunity to sell to the customer and means the visitor can return to look at the report at a later date.
  • Custom calls to action inside the analysis which highlight specific products or next steps for the user.

Configuring your domain name

To use the inbound marketing tool, you will almost certainly want a custom URL that matches your brand, e.g. reports.example.com. See custom domain names for more information.

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