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Company search API (beta)

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This page explains how to use our API to find a business URL from company details in Silktide Prospect.

This can be used where you have company details for the business you would like to analyze, but not a URL. Once you have used the company search API to identify a URL, you can make a second API call to initiate a Silktide Prospect report.

This is a beta feature which must be enabled by your Digital Account Manager before you can take advantage of it.

All requests to our API should be authenticated. Our API is RESTful and communicates using JSON.

Find a business by company details

Method: POST
Request body should be JSON encoded, and can include the following fields:

Property Definition Required
companyName String – Name of business. Yes
city String – City from business address. Yes
postalCode String – Postal code from business address. Yes
countryCode String – ISO 2-digit country code (e.g. GB, US, IT). Yes
street String – Street from business address. No
phoneNumber String – Business phone number. No


curl "" --header "api-key: [YOUR API KEY]" --data "{\"companyName\":\"Silktide\",\"city\":\"Derby\",\"postalCode\":\"DE248HR\",\"countryCode\":\"GB\"}"

Expected response

If successful, you would expect a 200 response, with a body like this:

   "info": {
      "domain": "",
      "confidence": 100

The confidence field is an integer out of 100 which indicates the likelihood this is the correct URL for the business. A high confidence (above 60) indicates we have a high level of certainty this is the business URL. A low level of confidence (below 40) indicates we found a possible URL for the details given, but we are not certain it belongs to this business. You should check your data manually and assign your own threshold depending on your sensitivity to incorrect results.

Due to the fuzzy nature of this search, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of results, even when our algorithms indicate a high confidence level.

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