Setting up Silktide Prospect

Branding & white-label

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Silktide Prospect can be white-labeled and branded according to your requirements. This page describes the scope of customization we offer.

Key areas of customization include:

Your Digital Account Manager can assist in making these customizations to your account.  Below are examples of how a white-labeled Silktide Prospect account can look, along with the recommendations for image dimensions and file types:


Login page

Silktide Prospect white-label login

Image Requirements:

Custom Background:

  • Dimensions: 1600 x 900 pixels minimum
  • Filetype: JPEG or PNG

Custom Logo:

  • Dimensions: 250 x 80 pixels minimum
  • Filetype: JPEG or PNG

Custom Icon:

  • See below in Search page for more information

Search page

Silktide Prospect white-label search

Image Requirements:

Custom Icon:

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 pixels minimum
  • Filetype: JPEG or PNG
  • This image will also be used as the site Favicon

Accent Colour:

  • Colour Hex Code – e.g. #F7DB4C


Silktide Prospect white-label results

Image Requirements:

Same as in Search page above.

Emails sent from the tool

Silktide Prospect white-label email


To use a custom outbound email address, we will need to verify that you have access to that account to avoid any emails sent by that address as being flagged as spam. If you require a custom outbound email address, we will send you a verification link that must be activated within 24 hours.

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